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Calhoun County, MI
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Welcome to our little world
Michigan Chapter
United States Lawn Mower Racing Assc.
Please take a look around
Enjoy the information
Should you have a riding lawn mower you would like to donate, we are always looking for parts.
please leave us a note on the contact page.

Lawn mower racing is a lot of fun. We have a great group of people involved.
We usually have pot luck, BBQ at the first and last race of the year and an end of the season banquet.
Meetings are presented for tech support during the off season.
We are an easy group to get along with and would love to have you join us.

If you are interested in volunteering for the following flaggers, set up track, or announcing, please go to the contact page and let us know.

We welcome new racers!
Children with adult supervision can start racing in the JP class at the age of 9.

Please read the rules should you be interested in racing.  You can find them at our rules page
Any questions?  Please ask or leave a comment on the contact page.

All about the machines they race on

To Start:
Mower is open to all self-propelled rotary or reel style riding lawn mower.
The mower must have been sold commercially to mow lawns.
The mower must be in originally design.

Mower Basics
  1. Mower is open to all self-propelled rotary style riding lawn mowers.
  2. The mower must have been sold commercially to mow lawns.
  3. The mower must be in originally design.
  4. Cutting blades MUST be removed completely off your mower.
  5. You must install a safety cut off switch.
  6. Brakes must be in good working condition, and operate on at least two wheels.
  7. Non Stock mowers must have an automatic throttle closing device.
  8. Only use pump gas.
  9. Only additive allowed: STA BIL Fuel Stabilizer.

The mower that is entered into any USLMRA or MILMRA event must be approved by Technical inspection.

  1. All drivers must wear a racing safety or motorcycle safety helmet approved by DOT or SNELL.
  2. All must wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants, gloves, goggles or face shield and boots.
  3. All drivers, and this is mandatory, must wear an "approved for racing" neck support.

See rules on our or USLMRA for full information on classes.
  • Stock class:
                        This is a mower delivered from the factory with blades removed.
  • JP class:
                        This class is for ages 9-15. Parent or legal guardian must be present.
                        Full size mower, front engine, stamped steel frame.
                        Governed engine.
  • IMOW class:
                        Front engine, highly regulated.

  • AP, GP, SP, CP, BP, GPK:
These mower are as delivered from the factory except for the modifications listed in Rules

  • FX Class:
Major modifications allowed on these mowers.

In the world of motorsports, there is the concept of “min-maxing”. This refers to optimizing everything to the last detail, so you can get every single bit of performance from your machine.
Obviously, this is crucial for the naturally small motors of lawn mowers, yet with some caveats. Currently, there is no unanimous opinion on which stock lawn mower is best for modifying.
Because of that, min-maxing in the mowing world looks a bit different. You cannot simply optimize for speed without accounting for other details.

Here are just a few things some people focus on:
Racing Lawnmowers
Calhoun County Michigan
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Michigan Lawnmower Racing
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